What we do:

We work to understand and adopt the mission of our clients to digital channels; developing a strategic plan that fits their needs, and executing it by producing content within the necessary mediums.

Having our roots in both Toledo, OH and Milwaukee, WI, we service multiple locations within the midwest. Having grown side-by-side with the digital age, we've learned to understand both the need for a digital presence in this world, and how that presence can best be strategized and utilized. 

Our goal with every client is three-fold: plan, build, teach. We want to not only give you a presence in today's digital world, we want to set you up to grow that presence into tomorrow. 


Who we are:

Multimedia and Web Strategist

Kyle Stanley

Kyle Stanley, the founder and head Multimedia and Web Strategist at Strategically Digital, founded the company after working with clients on a freelance basis. Having answered the challenge to combine his interest in technology with his knowledge of communications, marketing, and strategy, Kyle had an itch to do more. After a year of freelancing his services, Kyle decided to take his passion and skill set to the market with Strategically Digital.

Kyle Stanley rowing with the Marquette University Rowing team.

Strategically Digital allows Kyle to actively work with clients, getting to know them and their passions, which further enables him to work to develop the right plan and strategy for their digital outreach needs. Kyle's ultimate goal is to not only turn a client's vision into reality, but to educate them on how they can continue to grow in this ever-changing age of digital innovation. Spreading information on how one can not only use services like Strategically Digital to help them in this, but also how you can take advantage of what you can do yourself.

While Strategically Digital keeps Kyle busy in the office and in meetings, he can often be seen enjoying the outdoors, as he is a proud Eagle Scout and rower, having rowed both at St. Francis de sales High School in Toledo, OH, and at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.