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What does it mean to be Strategically Digital?

Find the creative side of functionality and the technical side of design - and believe by doing so that we maximize our clients' digital potential, along with their experience in building it! Many believe that these terms don't work well together, and that one firm can't deliver both creativity and functionality.

Over the past nine+ years, we believe we've proven that we can!

Our specialties include: Full Scale Customized Web Design & Development, Web Project Management & Consultation, Quick Fix and Site Servicing, Planned Site Maintenance, and Communications Consultation. The bulk of our clients are in the Chicago, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and Toledo areas, but our niche allows us to have clients all over the country. Reach out to us! Let’s see where we can take each other next.

Who We Are

Kyle Stanley founded the company after working with clients on a freelance basis. Having answered the challenge to combine his interest in technology with his knowledge and experience in communications, design, and strategy, Kyle had an itch to do more. After a year of freelancing his services, Kyle decided to take his passion and skill set to the market with Strategically Digital.

Over the past nine+ years, Kyle has worked with clients of all different shapes and sizes, and built out the Strategically Digital team to include like-minded and skilled talents. Our team of "Creative Technologists" work together daily to come up with optimal solution for our clients.


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Serving the Midwest and beyond;
We have roots in Columbus, Milwaukee, Chicago, Toledo.